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On these pages at Laptops House you will find an immense selection of Samsung laptops for sale. Take your time looking through the pages and this brief guide to help you choose the right computer for your needs.

Samsung is now one of the fastest-growing PC vendor’s in the world. This is because of their dedication to quality, performance, technology, design and service.

They have focused on the area of performance on the go that is now a key demand for laptops, thus their Samsung notebook laptops now sport the longest battery life in the industry.

Their laptops are unparalleled for their product quality. This is because the majority of their laptop components are manufactured themselves, so they can make sure each element is world-class and produce the best Samsung laptops for sale. They can also make sure through rigourous quality assurance programmes that only the best and most reliable products are used. They have proven excellence in manufacturing within ISO certified conditions guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Design is an important consideration when people are buying laptops now. Samsung with world product designers have put a big emphasis on style and have created some aesthetically pleasing laptops. They have won some prestigious design awards such as IF and IDEA design awards and the good design 2009 “Gold award”.

If you have any problems with your laptop, Samsung have the best and most timely customer service in the industry. They try and ensure all laptops are returned to customers within three days. They are leaders in delivering customer service satisfaction, ranked number one in the notebook PC category by PC Pro UK 2009.

Samsung have laptops that fit into five different categories, which are explained below:

Everyday-built to affordably handle work, play or whatever your everyday brings. These are the cheap Samsung laptops.

·         RV Series

·         R Series, R540, R730, R530

Performance-deliver a powerful multimedia PC to handle all entertainment needs. These notebooks have enhanced graphics and state-of-the-art processors.

·         RF Series

·         RC Series

·         R Series, R780, R580

Thin and Light-lightweight laptops that are ultra-thin and ultraportable. Designed for powerful performance in a portable package.

·         Chromebook

·         900 Series

·         SF Series

·         Q Series

Business-affordable professional notebook quality at everyday notebook prices, with industry leading services.

·         200 Series

·         400 Series

·         600 Series

·         P Series

Netbooks- sleek lightweight body and extended battery life. Lots of vibrant colour options ensure there is a network for everyone’s taste.

·         N series