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If you are looking for Panasonic laptops for sale Laptops House has a big selection for you to look through. Just take a while looking at the different moels and you are sure to find one that meets your needs. Toughbooks are more durable than any ordinary laptop and often used in environments where it is important they don't break down easily such as building sites, military and hospitals.

Panasonic Toughbooks laptops come in a range of categories, business rugged, semi-rugged, fully rugged and ultra-mobile rugged. Below is a list of models and how they fit into each category.

Business Rugged-C1, F8, F9, T8, S9

Semi-rugged-52, 53, 74

Fully rugged-19, 30, 31

Ultra-mobile rugged-H1, H2, U1

You can gain significant financial advantages by purchasing a Toughbook. The quality, reliability and durability of a Panasonic top mobile computer mean that in a situation that would damage normal computers they keep performing. This eliminates the cost of repairs or replacement and recovery of lost work.

They are designed to handle almost any situation from business rugged computers that can withstand bangs, bunts and spillages. Then they have fully rugged such as the ultra-mobile rugged Toughbook U1 that are built to withstand extreme conditions like, drops of up to 6 feet, rain, oil, pressure, dust and extraordinary swings in temperature.

Toughbooks go through extreme testing to ensure their reliability and durability and to help develop even tougher Toughbooks. They are tested at oven like temperatures, 26 consecutive drops, and 12 hours of water spray are just an example of some of the tests they have to go through.

All Toughbooks are designed, built and tested in Panasonic’s own factories. This enables them to control the quality of each Toughbook every step of the way, which results in reliability rates that exceed their competitors. High-quality materials and innovative technologies also contribute to the outstanding reliability, this exceptional reliability results in less downtime, lower repair costs and increased peace of mind.

Toughbook mobile computers are designed to meet and exceed standards of performance. Some of the standards are listed below:

Military Standards-Toughbook fully rugged computers and ultra-mobile rugged Toughbook U1 meet the MIL-STD-810G standard for 6 foot drops, shocks, altitude, vibration, dust, sand, rain and extreme temperature resistant. Fully rugged models are also MIL-STD-461F certified for electro magnetic interference and compatibility.

Ingress Protection (IP65)-Toughbook fully rugged and ultra-mobile rugged areIP65 certified for protection against dust and water.

EPEAT-they have received a gold rating for environmental impact by the Electrical Product Environmental Assessment Tool.

Many military organisations, law enforcement agencies and government agencies have awarded contracts for Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers. They have also received many industry awards ranging from its wireless performance to innovative designs.

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