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If you are looking for Packcard Bell laptops for sale Laptops House has a huge range that you can look through to get an amazing deal. Whether it is a laptop, netbook or tablet computer Packcard Bell should have a solution for you.

Packard Bell has a different range of laptops to meet everyone’s needs. Their main range of notebooks is the Packard Bell Easynote laptops, some of their models are mentioned below.

Easynote TS-it has a stylish design with a focus on entertainment, with features like a Blu-ray disc writer. It has simple one click function keys that give you easy access to the most frequently used applications and one touch access to social networks. It also has features like a fast, energy-saving processor and high-end graphics.

Easynote LM-elegantly designed with a 17.3 inch widescreen display. It creates a cinematic experience on the go, with its stereo speakers and HD movies, music and games.

Easynote TK-designed for ease of use with a earthy styling with wave pattern in two colour options: olive black and wine red. It has a social network key that gives you quick access to Facebook, You Tube and Flickr. It has a 15.6 inch screen with HD graphics creating fantastic visuals for movies, games and more.

Easynote NM-design for on the go users with its light weight, less than 2.2 kg and slender design. It features a 14 inch widescreen display elegantly designed combining matte and gloss with chrome finishes.

Easynote TM-with its 15.6 inch display combined with a slender in the profile you get a balance between a notebook you can use at home or take on the road.

Once you have decided what model you require take a look at our category page to find cheap Packard Bell laptops for sale.

Packard Bell's netbook range includes improved designs, handier features and amazing battery life. Ideal for organising your life and keeping in touch on the go. Packard Bell’s netbook range is called Dot some of their models are mentioned below.

Dot s-e-this range comes in four colours sesame black, rose pink, strawberry red and coconut white. Smaller than a magazine makes it easy to carry, it is less than 1 inch making it extremely portable and easy to store on the move. A 10.1 inch backlit LED display provides a nice view of pictures, movies, Internet clips and more.

Dot u-is available in two colour options: Kashmir red and silk silver. It has an 11.6 inch HD screen that provides nice visual performance to view pictures, movies, Internet clips and more.

Dot a-has up to 7 hours battery life on one charge, a HD 11.6 inch resolution display with HDMI port allowing connection to an external screen. You can also have easy access to non-stop social networking with Packard Bell’s social networks key.

Liberty Tab-Packard Bell has also entered the tablet market with their new Liberty Tab. It has a 10.1 inch screen with the Android 3.0 (honeycomb) operating system with Adobe Flash. It is easy to scroll through webpages, e-book’s or manage multimedia with a single touch.