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  • Sony S Tablet Review

    28 February 2012

    Below are various customer reviews from across the internet of people who have purchased the Sony S Tablet.

    Sanchit London- 17 Jan 2012

    7 Out of 10

    Good Points

    * Design
    * Remote control feature is good
    * Nice interface
    * DLNA Compatibility

    Bad Points

    * Sound quality
    * Not all of the applications can be streamed even being DLNA compatible!
    * Slow in comparison to iPad/iPad 2


    Angela Whaley Thorns-5 Dec 2011

    9 Out Of 10

    Good Points

    Stunning design, perfect weight ratio making it easy hold and use - even for long periods. Instant access to an immense music catalogue and cool features that throw your favourite tracks to connected devices!!!! Ditch those dated remote controls and welcome to technology. Gaming and films ... no problem screen and sound quality - mint ...... great product Highly recommended

    Bad Points

    Battery life could be improved


    Rakesh Harrow- 24 Nov 2011

    8 Out of 10

    Good Points

    Design is very comfortable to hold and use over extended periods of time. The tablet is very respondsive for gaming as well, and the fact that playstation games can be played is excellent! Web browsing is very fast and responsive too. There is a SD card slot as well, plus the addition of the universal remote control is a bonus. The screen is also fantastic for viewing videos, as the slightly smaller 9.4" size gives pixels and gives a sharper image. Overall I amhappy with my tablet s.

    Bad Points

    Battery life is very weak compard to other tablets. It seems to drain quite quickly even when left on standby overnight. It usually drains at a rate of 20% every hour. So you will generally get 3-5hrs out of it. Given the size of the tablet, its disappointing that Sony didn't think about adding a bigger battery. Hopefully when the tablet is updated with the new Android 4, it should make a bit of difference. Would have also been great to see the tablet have functionality with the PS3. Also the full size sd card slot should have been designed to playback media stored on the card. At the moment,media from the sd card can only be played through transferring onto the tablet.


    4.0 out of 5 stars Very Good Product., 1 Nov 2011

    By Pritam

    I brought this from my local electical store(I couldnt find it cheaper anywhere else), but I am very happy with my purchase.

    On the plus side:

    - Very user friendly application.
    - PS certified (I've only played Crash B. But I expect there to be more titles in the future).
    - Screen quality is very good.
    - DLNA connectivity is very good after downloading the relvant apps. I hear so many times from people who struggle to watch their avi movies with their Ipads. I have a central server which I can access my movies. Its very similar interface to the PS3, one of the reasons why I think this is a great product as it gives me the ability to centralised everything from my TV, PS3, Laptop and now my Tablet.
    - Apps that I have downloaded have worked fine. No compatability issues so far.
    - Browser is fairly quick.
    -SD and micro USB connectivity. This is best thing about Sony IMO. They make devices which interact with other devices easily. Most laptops come with SD slots as standard and therefore transferring from one device to the other is very simple. In terms of the USB connectivity, you should check out some of the cool things you can do with this on the net. For example I've seen videos on youtube where the PS3 controller is connected to the tablet allowing you to play PS games! The possiblities here can be vast.
    -Pleasant to hold. when I pick up the Galaxy and Ipads I feel like they might snap. This tablet is comfortable to hold and its also built solid.
    -Remote Control app is brilliant.


    - As someone has pointed out the Charger is slightly "flimsy".
    - The Battery on Standby completely drains. I think there are settings to switch off certain activity on standby, but obviously you should switch off the tablet when not using it.
    - For those of you are thinking about getting the 16GB version you should note that the Tablet has 2 seperate storages. One for the Programs and Apps and the other for your Media. The problem here is that your only left with about 8GB worth of Media. Around 4Gb goes on to the other half. If your going to use this for movies, games, music etc I would go for the 32GB (I dont think that 3G is neccessary for tablets). Obviously having the SD card slot helps in adding space but this apparently your not able to play media off the native player from the SD.

    I only gave it 4 stars because of the small issues I see, but these can be overlooked easily. No doubt this is a good product and I am happy with the purchase.


    3.0 out of 5 stars Great but still much to be desired, 20 Nov 2011


    AJ Okri

    I have been using the Sony Tablet S 16GB WIFI since its inception. A 3.2 upgrade for the android OS became available within days of buying it. I have found the tablet to be very competitive to the IPAD in a majority of areas except in the networking and communication arena. I have an 802.11n MIMO WIFI router at home, l cannot get the Sony tablet to connect to it. My father in-law was able to connect to the router with an Android 2.0 tablet, hence l am wondering if the sony tablet S firmware is to blaim here. Also, The bluetooth connection cannot be used for file transfer. It seems to pair with iPhone 4, PC and 3m MP180 Pocket projector but fails to connect. It only allowed the PC to connect as a wireless earpiece and/or wireless speaker.
    Another frustration is that the UBS port is not standard. Standard interfacing was a reason l did not consider the iPad as an option.
    The sony has a number of very strong features. It is without doubt the best Android tablet out there at the moment but falls short of being a capable business device. It is great as a living room device which it seems Sony was aiming for anyway.

    Looking across all the reviews it scores pretty highly with it averaging four out of five stars on Amazon and 8.2 out of 10 on Reevoo. The most negative points seem to be its battery life and not being able to play things directly of the SD card. Some people have also commented that the wifi isn't that great and seems it drops or the signal is poor.

    The main pluses seem to be that it is extremely user friendly and comfortable to hold and operate even over extended periods of time. Also for people who are keen gamers the fact that is Playstation certified means that there are good quality games available. It also has numerous connectivity functions enabling easy access to your own media as well as 7 million songs, 1 million books, and over 200,000 apps and movies available to easily download at a touch of a button. You can even turn it into a remote enabling it to control all your Sony equipment.

    Below are some video reviews to help you further gain a picture of what you are getting if you purchase a Sony S tablet pc.









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