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  • HP Folio 13 Ultrabook Review

    04 April 2012

    The HP Folio 13 ultrabook is one of the better ultrabooks currently available. Compared with other ultrabooks it is more focused to business users, with a long battery life and lots of different ports.

    Below are some customer reviews from people have experienced using the HP Folio 13 ultrabook.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty nice ultrabook, March 3, 2012
    Charles Rizzo


    I am a computer engineer by trade, so I get to use a lot of different hardware. My business laptop is a thinkpad that's fairly new, and this little laptop holds its own against that.
    SSD - thing is fast! No read aheads and or IO wait times.
    Size - 13" screen is a nice sweet spot between being portable, light and usuable - smaller and it get's hard to read, larger, and it's bulky ans unnecessary, plus with Widi and HDMI, you can export you screen
    Full size ethernet port - huge advantage over most of its peers
    SDXC port - this was the deal breaker for me. Since there is a 2 TB theoretical limit, plus current 128 GB carokds available, you can honestly have a reasonably priced and sized ultrabook.
    Keyboard - takes a little getting used to as my hands are large, but compared to its peers, it's the best minus the Apple (for $500 less)
    Price: You can't find a better system for the money right now Q1 2012 (got mine for $850 + taxes).nstall
    Installing Ubuntu - smartest move you can make on an ultrabook with limited internal HD space. OS is safe, reliable, and minus a few quirks, 100 times better than any windows product, and is free unlike the overpriced Apple products.
    USB 3.0 - another bonus - transfer speeds up to SATA 7200 RPM ranges, big boost over USB 2.0

    4.0 out of 5 stars Best ultrabook available (early 2012), February 4, 2012
    Digital Bacon


    Pros: It's very light compared to the normal 6+ lb laptops I usually use, traveling with it is a pleasure! Performance is decent considering its size and it has so many ports compared to other ultrabooks. It has an Ethernet port! That's a big deal for me as hotel wi-fi networks are usually really bad. Almost no other ultrabook has that, same with a regular sized HDMI port. Sure you could get a different computer and carry ethernet/hdmi adapters with you but carrying around adapters defeats the purpose of having an ultrabook!

    Cons: The screen's color contrast is a bit washed out and can not be adjusted. However this is only a minor annoyance to me and the screen is plenty bright.

    Overall: I bought this and the Toshiba Portege Z835 at the same time and used both side by side for a few days. The HP won hands down. There are other ultrabooks but they all are missing something; ethernet, hdmi, backlit keyboard... As of early 2012 this is the best ultrabook on the market.

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good laptop -- well worth the price, March 28, 2012
    A. Anand


    I ordered this laptop because I needed a quick and cheap replacement for my Toshiba Satellite.
    For its price, its an excellent laptop. Its very light, battery life is excellent (I get about 5-6 hours coding, and almost 7 if I just browse the web).
    The laptop doesn't get nearly as warm as the reviews claimed, and the screen really isn't that bad. However the trackpad is absolutely terrible. Its really hard to click properly. If I'm doing anything more than regular browsing, I attach an external USB mouse.
    I love the keyboard, and I love the speed (SSD, so that can be expected).

    Overall it scores really highly with the majority of people giving it 5 stars. it's main positives seem to be it's long battery life, it's fast loading times, superb sound and good quality backlit keyboard.

    Some negative points seem to be the fan noise can be quite loud, the screen colours aren't the most vivid and the trackpad doesn't seem to function brillantly.

    Below are also some video reviews for the HP Folio 13 ultrabook to help you see how it looks and functions.




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