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  • Dell Inspiron Duo Review

    17 February 2012

    The Dell Inspiron Duo is different from other netbooks in that it has a touchscreen and the screen also flips round turning it into a tablet.

    Below is a sample of some of the customer reviews that have been posted on various sites around the net.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Product if it is for your requirement. Highly recommended, 1 Nov 2011

    Against the recommendations of all the reviews, I purchased this machine and have found it to be one of the best buys (in-terms of computing) that I have made.

    The reviews mentioned that this machine is slow and not very practical as a tablet. Firstly it is not a tablet it is a Netbook with tablet capabilities. I personally do not use the tablet functions and have disabled them, finding the windows home premium functionality and add-on programs more than sufficient for my purposes. Most of my interaction is done with the screen in tablet mode but with windows running as primary, giving me access to I-tunes, VCL and networking with my 17".

    The product itself is very robust and feels solid in the hand but caution should be taken with flipping the screen, I do not think it will give a problem but better safe than sorry.

    Windows 7 home premium runs like a dream and does not delay much more than my quad core, however, this is only when one is cautious not to load and run too many programs at once. It is a Netbook after all and should be treated as a fast Netbook and not a laptop. Launching tablet mode is slower than other tablet machines but much quicker than loading normal windows based programs and the 0.5 second delay is more than acceptable.

    The key to this machine is to remove the Dell `bloatware', turn off most of the start-up programs, turn off the add-ons for explorer and the machine runs like a dream with `boot up' being quicker than my quad core. Also, it is not an Ipad and will never be but it is not meant to be one, as a tablet it is heavy and bulky but it is not a tablet but a netbook with a flip down screen. I have read a some reviews recommending an ipad and all I can say is; if you want an ipad and be willing to have the restrictions imposed but have it fulfil your requirements then get one, it is a great machine, but do not confuse the products as being in the same category or for the same market. This is a windows based machine, functions incredibly well and is absolutely quick considering it is a single core atom (N550 being one of the best atm).

    Battery life is not the greatest but power comes at a price and four to five hours is quite acceptable, by my standards. The screen is crystal clear but does have a limitation being reflective and viewing angles are not that great, I have found that getting used to it and using it accordingly a minor inconvenience. Speed for a netbook is incredible and should not be compared to a tablet, laptops or desktops (If you can believe that some reviews actually do compare to desktops), but configuration is required and the removal of `bloatware' and startup programs' is required for best results. The 34bit windows is great and interacts with my 64bit laptop with few issues in remote control and with networking. The lack of an Ethernet port is an issue but not a serious one in today's day and age where most places, friends, etc have wireless.

    My recommendation is to buy this product and enjoy it for what it is, and it is all that and more.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!, 6 Jan 2012
    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I recommend this if you want a good quality and smart notebook. There are obviously a few downsides to it. One of the main problems is that the battery does not last very long. Second problem would have to be the lack of ports on the laptop. There are only 2 USB ports and a headphone inlet along with the power inlet. But the simple option is to just buy a dell duo docking station which costs about £100. The screen has a very high resolution and the keyboard is very easy to type on.Over all I think this is a very very good laptop.
    3.0 out of 5 stars The dell duo, 17 Sep 2011
    I bought this pc a few months ago now, unlike some other reviews here on amazon I have to disagree, don't get me wrong as a net book it's fine, the folding screen is very nice, it slips between pc mode and tablet mode very easily and is a joy to use it is also very robustly built but, the iPad is so much better it's lighter, thinner much more user friendly surfing the web is quicker and easier it loads pages almost instantly the duo does not and is quite heavy to hold as a tablet, I could go on about the iPad but I won't bore you. To sum up the duo is good, very good, but it is not as instant as the iPad, the iPad is trying to be a tablet and manages it very well the duo is trying to be a pc and a tablet and does not quite manage both.

    Paul cambridge

    4 out of 10, 29 Jan 2011
    Good Points
    Nice attempt to make a tablet PC with a keyboard when you need it. Stylish, somewhat
    Bad Points
    sluggish response and imprecise touch makes the tablet aspect almost useless. This is no iPad!

    John Cheshire East

    9 out of 10, 30 Mar 2011
    Good Points
    convenient to use as a tablet or a laptop, plenty of memory and storage for what it is designed for. It does a lot more than an equivalent i pad will do.
    Bad Points
    battery life could be longer, a little limited with just two usb ports and no monitor output and a SD slot would have been nice.


    Overall the comments seem to be quite positive with the main negative points being the speed some of the applications take to load and the length of the battery. The main cause of the slow applications is the Dell software that is pre installed on the system. You seem to be able to speed things up by removing it.

    Also Windows 7 isn't that well suited to a tablet. This problem seems to have been solved by people installing a different operating system. Below are a couple of videos showing the Dell inspiron Duo with Windows 8 developer preview and Ubuntu installed on it and how it functions much better.




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