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  • Acer Aspire S3 Review

    07 March 2012

    Here is a review of the Acer Aspire S3, below are various comments and scores people who have purchased it have given.

    5.0 out of 5 stars An impressive alternative to the mac book air, 9 Feb 2012



    I have to say this is almost as lightweight and sleek as the macbook air. Its fast - the "2 second" ontime claim is accurate. Battery life to date seems very good - I used 20% in 2 hours of heavy usage ( installing programes, using the internet, big downloads from a USB drive -all concurrently). Sound quality from the speakers is very good for their size and the webcam gives a clear picture. It looks good, feels good and solid and I have to say I would struggle to justify spending nearly twice as much for a similar spec macbook air.

    5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT the laptop becomes personal again., 9 Dec 2011



    OK, I brought this on looks - which are stunning.
    I had been looking for a laptop for weeks, and they all looked boring!
    Then saw this, and brought it without regards to any limitations.

    End result, a GREAT laptop that does the job, for over 5 hours!
    I got mine from COSTCO who had a special offer on at £499+VAT until 11/12/11.
    even at £699 its a great computer.
    Only fault is that it only has HDMI video output, which has caused loads of problems as I have a 3 screen set up. HDMI can only output at 2400x600, so I had to find a way around this problem. I was considering returning the laptop, but had fallen in love with it. Solution buy 3 usb/vga output converters... that solved the problem, at a cost. But couldnt face returning the laptop, so this additional cost was worth it

    4.0 out of 5 stars good laptop, 11 Feb 2012


    Nicu "Nicu"(London, UK)

    I had a sony vaio 15 inch laptop for home use, and an asus eee pc 1201 net book for travel. so i decided instead of having 2 laptops, to have just one that is light enough for travel, but with a screen wide enough to work comfortably with long word files. ACER s3 was the choice.

    have had it for 1 month. screen is good. light and easy to use. I am quite pleased. BUT - the battery is nowhere near 6 hours. for normal use - internet browsing and word - it is more like 4 hours. also the keyboard is a bit uncomfortable - I make a lots of typos. either still have to get used more or it is not fully comfortable...

    another minus is the fact that USB plugs are in the back of the laptop. whenever you need anything you need to close the screen and then turn the laptop to plug a usb key or anything you need. quite uncomfortable. This being said - i would still buy S3 for these money. but hope future version would have USB elsewhere, better battery and better keyboard.

    Anya London

    9 Out of 10

    Good Points

    The S3 is light, fast and beautifully designed. A perfect, cheaper alternative to a Mac Book if, like me, you prefer Windows operating system. The screen is large enough to watch films on comfortably but still remains small enough to be portable. The sound quality is brilliant. The track-pad is highly responsive and the multi-touch functions for scrolling and zooming are very useful.

    Bad Points

    The key pad takes a little getting used, especially the arrow keys which are a lot smaller than other models.
    Also, the screen is quite glossy and reflective, but I don't find that it affects me that much.
    I would have like the charger cable to be slightly more compact, or at least easier to coil up.

    Overall it scores very highly with people impressed with its stylish looks and lightweight and slim design. It is also fairly cheap for the specifications you get compared with other ultrabooks and the Macbook Air. From all the reviews it scores 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon but only 6.8 out of 10 on Reevoo. Reevoo only has 4 reviews though and 3 are good and 1 bad as they seem to have had a faulty model.

    The few negatives seem to be that the trackpad takes some time to get used to and the battery may not last as long as expected when using some programs,

    Below are some video reviews so you can see how it looks and help you further in deciding if this is the computer for you!



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